NewsWatch TV review

7 Dec

NewsWatch TV review

NewsWatch TV Reviews is a television show that features a variety of topics. When the show first started in 2011 it focused primarily on new consumer technologies. Now, the show features a wider variety such as consumer news, celebrity interviews, and mobile app reviews. The show has won a few awards including the national 2017 Videographer Award for excellence. They have had a handful of celebrities on the show including Jennifer Lawrence and Julie Bowen. They have aired over a thousand episodes. The show is currently hosted by Susan Bridges and a few others.
Recently, the company aired positive reviews of a few businesses who needed help getting their names out to the public. They provided services for companies including Avanca Indiegogo, Contour Design, Saygus Smartphone, and Steelseries. To start off, Avanca needed help raising money for a campaign. They had to raise ten thousand dollars within thirty days or they got no money at all. NewsWatch helped them by airing a promotional video. As a result, Avanca smashed their original goal by 2,939%. They raised a staggering $456,551. The next company who received aide from NewsWatch goes by the name of Contour Design. NewsWatch helped this company to be seen in 95 million households across the country. As a result, Contour design saw a jump in their sales. Next was Saygus Smartphone. This company asked NewsWatch to air a segment for them on national television. As a result, Saygus Smartphone was able to beat their original goal by over $300,000. The final company is a gaming gear company named Steelseries. This company needed NewsWatch to help them to expose their product to more consumers. NewsWatch did just that, making sure their segment was seen in millions of households. Overall, NewsWatch was able to tremendously help each of these companies somehow.


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