Marc Sparks Teaches Others About Becoming an Entrepreneur

16 Oct

Marc Sparks Teaches Others About Becoming an Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks feels best about life when he’s deeply embroiled in a hot-button project with hopes of getting a fresh idea off the ground and into the world of commerce where it can flourish. His extraordinary career as an entrepreneur is marked by a high level of success which makes him uniquely qualified to counsel others on starting new businesses. He has experienced smashing successes and dismal failures but he’s always ready for the next hot idea. Learn more:

Sparks has a great deal of empathy for those embarking upon an entrepreneurial route and he’s eager to help them avoid some pitfalls. His book is entitled They Can’t Eat You and it’s geared toward those who are taking the leap of faith to start a new business. The title is a reminder that when humans have a bad day they can always try again or start over. However, when a zebra has a bad day it ends up as some lion’s dinner and there’s no second chance. The book was also written for those who are losing hope as they follow their dreams.

It reveals his unique journey as an entrepreneur and he pulls no punches as he even details some of his failures. His recollections of those rare setbacks were painful memories for him to resurrect but he considered them to be critically important for others to know. He also believes that there is greater learning power in the negative examples than the spectacular successes.

Marc Sparks gives credit to God and his grace for his accomplishments and details that He has given him a keen instinct for business and innovation. He also relates that his formal training for his career is nil and he’s driven by energy and opportunity.

Timber Creek Capital is the private equity firm that is owned by Sparks and he’s all about helping others develop their unique ideas. They provide a full range of services that startups can tap into from accounting to graphic design and everything in between. More importantly, they are able to work closely with Sparks and benefit from his extraordinary experience and ability to nurture ideas.

The passion that Marc Sparks has for building companies cannot be overestimated and he particularly revels in bringing to life ideas that others believe can’t be done. He works with several companies at a time at Timber Creek and helps them build a business model and a corporate culture. He also helps them implement a comprehensive path forward complete with short-term and long-term goals.

The career of Marc Sparks has been a long and distinguished one and he reveals one of the keys to his success. The pace of his endeavors and business activities is accomplished with Sparks Speed and that is meeting in real time and problem solving immediately.



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