Amicus Therapeutics is Blazing A Trail in the Medical World

Biotechnology company, Amicus Therapeutics is the shinning light of hope to people living with rare or orphan diseases. Based in New Jersey, history is being made as they complete groundbreaking research and provide invaluable resources for patients all over the world.

Their unusual moral approach to the medical field offers patients with the tools to not only have life, but to have a better life. Amicus Therapeutics offers and providers a clear conscience to people suffering from these devastating diseases that are often overlooked by most medical professionals, left without solutions, and even treated as though nothing is wrong.

Unlike many medical companies, Amicus Therapeutics employs a moral anti-bribery code of ethics making the families and the patients with rare disease the real beneficiaries of their work.

Patients with rare diseases are real people, sadly, this is something the medical world has long forgotten, Amicus Therapeutics brings that reality back to the medical field. Scientists haven’t forgotten their real purpose here and still hold their passion of helping people. That passion is their driving force for the scientific research being done. They focus on specifically targeting the mutated proteins that are the cause of the illnesses, rather then only focusing on making the patients comfortable and letting the gene mutation continue to cause harm. Amicus Therapeutics is developing solutions including enzyme replacement therapies that are vital to the lives of many. Making them comfortable isn’t enough, they want the cure as well. At Amicus Therapeutics the Patient Advisory Board (PAB) pays close attention to the patients and how the treatments effect them. The PAB act as purposeful advocates for the patients, they find solutions and implement their ideas to make sure therapies are in the patients best interest.


Offering healing, remains the motive for Amicus Therapeutics. They offer grants and charitable donations that help patients with rare diseases. Their drive toward invention and healing is one reason for the financial help they contribute. They offer healthcare charitable grants, medical education grants, and other charitable grants.

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The Role of Osteo Relief Institute in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Arthritis is a common medical condition that is not well understood. This disease is mistaken for a single disease, but it is a series of joint pain. There are 100 known forms of arthritis, and at least 50million of the United States adults suffer from at least one type of osteoarthritis. The incidence of this disease is high in women and the seniors, and it is the cause of disability among people in America.


A look at the effects and steps in management of arthritis


Degenerative joint disease is the most common type of arthritis. Arthritis occurs as a result of the degeneration of the cartilage. According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo, the degenerative joint disease causes the cartilage to wear out as it rubs against the bone. This situation causes the manifestation of symptoms, such as stiffness, pain, and swelling of the joint region. This medical condition does not have a known treatment but physicians encourage management of the pain (HealthGrades).


Some of the risk factors for this medical condition include genetics, age, previous injury, and excess weight. Self-management is one of the most significant steps in dealing with this disease because it lessens further degeneration of the bones. Some of the management ideas highly encouraged by doctors include:


  1. Daily routine


These daily routines involve a series of gentle exercises to minimize stiffness, management of excess weight, and quitting behaviors, such as smoking.


  1. Exercise


It is encouraged to engage in activities that build muscles, such as cycling, walking, water exercise, and low impact aerobics.


  1. Medical treatment


Medication is aimed at relieving pain. Some popular drugs used include acetaminophen, NSAIDS, AND topical analgesics.

About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute is an organization that offers services, such as diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal medical conditions. It mainly treats knee arthritis, a degenerative disease that affects a majority of the elderly in the United States. The services offered by the Osteo Relief Institute are primarily non-invasive and are meant to make the patients comfortable as well as alleviate pain (YouTube).


Aside from joint disease, this esteemed organization offers treatment for the spine and back pain for people of all ages. Osteo Relief Institute is headquartered in New Jersey, but it has operations in various parts of the United States, including Arizona, Phoenix, Chicago, and Colorado Springs. This Institute works in collaboration with a team of specialist and nurses certified to manage patients suffering from this kind of condition.

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Alexandre Gama the Narrator

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