Julie Zuckerberg Proves To Be a Force to Reckon In the Talent Acquisition Industry

23 Jun

Julie Zuckerberg Proves To Be a Force to Reckon In the Talent Acquisition Industry

Julie Zuckerberg is a New York-based talent acquisition expert. Currently, she serves as the executive recruitment lead and talent acquisition expert at Deutsche Bank. In today’s world, the financial sector is keen to recruit the best talent to ensure sustainability of the organization. For years, Julie Zuckerberg has built her name as one of the best talent acquisition managers making her a priceless asset at Deutsche Bank. Julie employs great recruitment practices and is internationally honored for exceptional leadership skills. Growing to such incredible positions doesn’t come without excellent educational training. Julie is a graduate of the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she graduated bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She later joined New York Law School where she graduated with Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. With such a rich educational background, Julie boasts of an array of skills including talent management, executive search, talent acquisition, team leadership, administrative staffing, employee training, conflict resolution and corporate recruitment. In today’s dynamic business world, maintaining a close relationship with other recruiters, university placement officers and executive firms across the nation ensures that Julie always gets the best. Keeping up with the swift pace of technology distinguishes Zuckerberg from the rest of recruiters.


Career Background


Julie Zuckerberg career began in 2002 when she served as the director of candidate placement at Hudson. At Hudson, she recruited attorneys, paralegals, support staff and case managers thanks to her rich training in law. She also enlightened employees on issues regarding benefits, opportunities for promotion and working conditions. Julie was also an effective link between clients and staff in solving legal issues. In 2007, Julie left Hudson for Citi Global Functions, where she served as the executive recruiter. During her tenure, she senior legal, compliance and audit executives. Julie also counseled hiring managers on issues concerning job description creation, position specifications, and secession planning. To date, she is remembered at Citi Global for developing several recruitment methods including direct sourcing, employee referrals, social media, and Internet search. Julie remained at Citi Global until 2011 when she joined Citi Global Consumer Bank as the executive recruiter. In 2013, Zuckerberg joined New York Life Insurance Company, where she served as the corporate vice president and recruiting lead. While at New York Insurance Company, she partnered with senior management to provide creative business solutions and managed recruitment process of project managers and recruiters.


Currently, Julie is the talent acquisition and executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank, a position she has occupied since 2014. In her current role, she is responsible for negotiation of executive levels offers. She also plays several roles including business management, client management and ensuring adherence to best recruitment practices. With such an excellent career background, Julie is undoubtedly the best recruitment expert. Recruiting the right people and reducing attrition has been a core factor contributing to her incredible success. When she is not recruiting talents, Zuckerberg is running, taking photographs or beefing up her technology know-how. Zuckerberg is also an advocate of animal welfare and economic empowerment. In most of her free time, she spends time in charity works.





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