Brazilian Retail Sales Are Slow According To CEO Duda Melzer

19 May

Brazilian Retail Sales Are Slow According To CEO Duda Melzer

Brazil needs investors and new trade partners, and the country needs an injection of positive news. The economy is still suffering from the complications of a lingering recession. The government is trying to put a positive spin on the news, and that’s what CEO Duda Melzer is also trying to do. Melzer is the most important media person in the South of Brazil. Duda’s family business, the RBS Media Group controls a vast network of TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, internet sites and other tech companies. Most of the companies that fall under the RBS umbrella know their country needs help, but the government can be shortsighted when it comes to change. You can visit his Crunchbase to know more.

The Finance Minister of Brazil, Henrique Meirelles, recently said retail sales fell in March. It was the steepest drop in 14 years. An interest rate is necessary to get the economy back on track, according to Melzer, but that is just one step in the recovery. Duda has an MBA from Harvard, and he was president of Box Top Media in New York, so he knows what an interest rate cut could mean to companies in Brazil. Investment in Brazilian companies is down because of interest rates, the recession, and political unrest.

Duda Melzer knows about change, and his companies write and talk about it all the time. Melzer grandfather started the RBS Group in Porto Alegre in the 1950s with one TV station. Today, the company is one of the four largest family-owned media groups in the country. When Duda’s companies report the news, people listen, so Melzer’s opinions are influential. The RBS Group continues to promote change and continues to report positive news. And millions of people are listening and watching.

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