Tips for Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Online Reputation

9 May

Tips for Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Online Reputation

Today, we live in a world that is almost always connected online, allowing us to reach millions of individuals regardless of their location at any given time. If you are an entrepreneur, understanding the importance of a positive online reputation is essential to avoid potential public shaming, losing your position, or utterly destroying any business or brand you have worked to build. Cleaning up an online reputation is possible with a few tips and tricks for entrepreneurs to avoid potential hurtful information from causing you trouble now or in the near future.

Conducting Proper Searches on Yourself

As an individual entrepreneur, researching yourself on the top search engines today is highly valuable and recommended, regardless of the market or industry you are working in and represent. Recent studies have shown that up to 22% of businesses with a negative article found on the first page of search results may lose customers, simply from various articles that have been posted and published for millions to see.

With just two negative articles on the first page of search results, companies risk losing up to 44% of customers, along with 59% for three articles that are found related to your personal name or the business you represent.

By researching keywords that are relevant to your own name as well as your business it is possible to gain insight into potentially negative or harmful pieces that have been published. Deleting photos or videos that may be offensive and requesting a removal of potentially damaging links from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, is also a helpful method to clean up your online reputation. Requesting removals from specific websites can also help with eliminating the risk of a negative online reputation.

It is also possible to hire professionals who specialize in online reputation management to ensure your name and brand is protected as much as possible at all times. Working together with specialists who understand online reputations and how to improve them is a way to save time and ultimately, protect your business and brand from negative press and exposure that can lead to damaging reputations and future outlooks.


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