Larkin and Lacey Created the Frontera Fund to Help

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have always been helpers. They have wanted to help people who did not have the opportunity to make their life better. They also wanted to be able to help people who were immigrants as well as people who did not have the chance to make sure that they were getting what they could out of different situations.

Thanks to Larkin and Lacey, many people have been able to get more opportunities out of the options that they have and they have also been able to see that they do have civil rights that should be in place to help them with their own lives.

Larkin and Lacey have always wanted to help but they didn’t know that they would one day have to do the same thing that other people needed them to be able to do for their own situations. For Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, civil rights are really important.

One thing that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started to do was create reports on their local sheriff’s office. The office was doing a lot of corrupt things and some of them were downright illegal. Larkin and Lacey wanted other people to know about this and they made the decision to publish reports about it. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

This led to the sheriff’s office arresting them which was, yet another, illegal thing that they did. It was a huge problem and one that Larkin and Lacey had to deal with no matter what was going to come their way.

Instead of sitting back and letting the charges happen, Larkin and Lacey decided to take action. They didn’t want something like that on their record and they wanted to show the sheriff’s office that they were not going to deal with the problems that came from them. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

They fought the sheriff’s office and the charges that they were trying to hand down to them. This was something that they were concerned that they would not win because of the problems associated with fighting criminal charges but they actually won. Not only did they win the case but they also sued the sheriff.

Unsurprisingly, they also won when they made the decision to sue the sheriff. They walked away from the arrest with the charges dropped and three million dollars richer. They knew that they had to use this for something good, though. That is where the idea for the Frontera Fund came from.

They wanted other people to have the help that they needed with their own problems and they also wanted to show people that they could do more with the opportunities that they had. The Frontera Fund gave them the chance to do this and to help other people out.

The Relevance of Success Academy’s THINK Literacy English Language Arts Curriculum

According to research conducted in 2015 by EducationNext, 35 percent of school-going kids from New York City are competent in Mathematics while 29 percent of them are competent in English. Furthermore, 64 percent of scholars who attend Success Academy Charter Schools were proficient in English while 94 percent of them were proficient in Math.


The secret behind the excellence of Success Academy is prioritizing content. The learning institution is guided by a blocks curriculum. This curriculum allows children to work together on an educational project. It also ensures that one kid from each group shares with other students what his or her group has discussed. Success Academy follows an English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum known as THINK Literacy.


THINK Literacy


This ELA curriculum was structured in accordance with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop model. It focuses on independent reading besides its “balanced literacy” approach. When adopted in elementary learning centers, scholars are required to undertake two units that involve reading and writing about a certain topic for six weeks. In middle school, students are given iPads, pre-loaded with books, to use during the literature class and independent reading time.


THINK Literacy also allows kids from kindergarten to the 8th grade to attend daily workshops to sharpen their writing skills. In math classes, teachers use thoroughly planned set of activities and precise questioning to help the scholars master and learn a new concept on a daily basis.


The Future of Success Academy Charter Schools


Eva Moskowitz is the creator Success Academy Charter Schools. As the CEO,  she ensures that the charter network continues to grow tremendously and achieve stellar results. Since its creation in 2006, the network has grown to 32 schools that comprise of over 9,000 students. Out of the 32 schools, seven of them are middle schools, 24 of them are elementary, and one is a high school.


Moskowitz and the board of Success Academy are planning to launch 13 more learning centers in the next two years. This means that Success Academy will provide learning services to 21,000 students, which is 2 percent of the total number of students in public schools of New York City.

To learn more about Success Academy, I would suggest taking a peek at their Wikipedia. This charter school will surely be helping to change the educational landscape in the future.






Brazilian Retail Sales Are Slow According To CEO Duda Melzer

Brazil needs investors and new trade partners, and the country needs an injection of positive news. The economy is still suffering from the complications of a lingering recession. The government is trying to put a positive spin on the news, and that’s what CEO Duda Melzer is also trying to do. Melzer is the most important media person in the South of Brazil. Duda’s family business, the RBS Media Group controls a vast network of TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, internet sites and other tech companies. Most of the companies that fall under the RBS umbrella know their country needs help, but the government can be shortsighted when it comes to change. You can visit his Crunchbase to know more.

The Finance Minister of Brazil, Henrique Meirelles, recently said retail sales fell in March. It was the steepest drop in 14 years. An interest rate is necessary to get the economy back on track, according to Melzer, but that is just one step in the recovery. Duda has an MBA from Harvard, and he was president of Box Top Media in New York, so he knows what an interest rate cut could mean to companies in Brazil. Investment in Brazilian companies is down because of interest rates, the recession, and political unrest.

According to Acaert, the new president of Brazil is trying to get the economy moving again, but there is a lot of mud in the political water, and the people want change. Duda Melzer knows about change, and his companies write and talk about it all the time. Melzer grandfather started the RBS Group in Porto Alegre in the 1950s with one TV station. Today, the company is one of the four largest family-owned media groups in the country. When Duda’s companies report the news, people listen, so Melzer’s opinions are influential. The RBS Group continues to promote change and continues to report positive news. And millions of people are listening and watching.

Check out his website

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Tips for Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Online Reputation

Today, we live in a world that is almost always connected online, allowing us to reach millions of individuals regardless of their location at any given time. If you are an entrepreneur, understanding the importance of a positive online reputation is essential to avoid potential public shaming, losing your position, or utterly destroying any business or brand you have worked to build. Cleaning up an online reputation is possible with a few tips and tricks for entrepreneurs to avoid potential hurtful information from causing you trouble now or in the near future.

Conducting Proper Searches on Yourself

As an individual entrepreneur, researching yourself on the top search engines today is highly valuable and recommended, regardless of the market or industry you are working in and represent. Recent studies have shown that up to 22% of businesses with a negative article found on the first page of search results may lose customers, simply from various articles that have been posted and published for millions to see.

With just two negative articles on the first page of search results, companies risk losing up to 44% of customers, along with 59% for three articles that are found related to your personal name or the business you represent.

By researching keywords that are relevant to your own name as well as your business it is possible to gain insight into potentially negative or harmful pieces that have been published. Deleting photos or videos that may be offensive and requesting a removal of potentially damaging links from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, is also a helpful method to clean up your online reputation. Requesting removals from specific websites can also help with eliminating the risk of a negative online reputation.

It is also possible to hire professionals who specialize in online reputation management to ensure your name and brand is protected as much as possible at all times. Working together with specialists who understand online reputations and how to improve them is a way to save time and ultimately, protect your business and brand from negative press and exposure that can lead to damaging reputations and future outlooks.

Fabletics Tries New Things

Since Fabletics first came onto the market, they have sold their items exclusively on their own site. They realized that this worked for them and it was something that they really did not see the need to change no matter what was going on with the company. They felt that selling on their own site was the only way that they could avoid having to compete with themselves and it was something that they worked very hard to make sure was going the right way for them. Because of the way that things were done with the company, they wanted to make sure that they were going to be able to get more out of the sales.


For this reason, they chose to sell on another platform aside from the site that they had typically sold their outfits on. It took some time for the creators of Fabletics to decide which avenue would be the best for them to sell their items from but they decided that the only way to go would be through the Amazon platform. This was a place where they would not have to compete with themselves and it was something that they were confident in because many people had good results with it.


When customers of Fabletics visit Amazon, they should still take the style quiz so that they will be able to know what works best for them. While shopping on the Amazon platform causes customers to lose the stylist aspect of the site, it is something that is traded off for being able to get the clothing items more quickly. The people who choose to shop on Amazon are usually doing so out of convenience for being able to get more from the brand that they have and from the options that are made available to them.


It is important to recognize that Amazon and the website are not the only places that you can purchase Fabletics outfit. In another move to make the company more convenient for all customers, they have decided to open some flagship stores. These are places where people are able to go to get the clothing items that they want. The convenience of this is in that people can do it while they are out shopping for other things that they might need to be able to have for different types of purposes while they are doing more with their workout outfits.