Creative Businessman Alexandre Gama Continues to Wow the World with His Work

Brazilian businessman, Alexandre Gama, has established himself as one of the leading creative entrepreneurs in Brazil, as well as a globally hailed thought leader in the advertising industry. Neogama, the advertising agency that Alexandre founded nearly two decades ago, continues to garner awards and praise for the thought provoking and internationally acclaimed work that the agency continuously produces.

Presently, Alexandre Gama serves as a member of the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board. As a member of this committee that includes six creative entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the world, Alexandre is the only member of Brazilian nationality on this board. His career spans over three decades. If his recent accomplishments are any indicator as to what his level of passion is for the field of advertising, then we should expect even more exciting and creative work from Alexandre. His agency, Neogama, won a Cannes Film Festival award in 2015 for a campaign created for the Mix Brasil Festival.



Wen By Chaz Will Leave People In Awe

Just when others out there thought that Chaz Dean could not top himself, he has gone out there and done it again. That is his style and always will be his style as long as he is in charge. He does not look at these sorts of things as challenges. He looks at them as a chance to really improve his QVC advertised products, himself, and the way he goes about his business. He does not back down from it, not for a one second. In fact, it is just the opposite. He likes the chance to show people what he can do and what he is made out of as a businessman.

One of the smartest things about him is the fact that he keeps his ear to the ground and he truly keeps his pulse on the market. This allows him to have a firm grasp on what is popular, what is trending on Twitter, and what people are looking for in terms of hair-care products. With Wen By Chaz, it allows people to have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. It works as a styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. It does everything all-in-one. It is truly magic in a bottle.

The customers are over the moon about this because they are getting everything they could want and more out of a product with WEN by Chaz. The reviewers, oftentimes the hardest critics, are also extremely pleased with Wen by Chaz, as they have tried it out and seen the results for themselves, first-hand. Take, for example, this review by Emily McClure of She gave it high praise for what it did on her fine hair and the way it made her feel. It is very rare when a product can have that type of impact on a person’s confidence, but that is what Wen by Chaz does each and every day. Wen products are available on the Wen Website and the official Chaz Dean store ( Get yours today!


InnovaCare Health and Its Management

The main office of InnovaCare Health is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The firm provides services in the healthcare sector including physician services. The mission of InnovaCare Health is to bring revolution to the healthcare management and to eliminate the problems that people face in the current era of healthcare. The vision of InnovaCare Health is to foster a healthy relationship between the patient and the provider. The subsidiaries of InnovaCare Health support the organization. It comes up with healthcare plans that are affordable, coordinated, new, and quality driven. The patient comes first at InnovaCare. Their ultimate goal is to deliver quality medical care.

InnovaCare Health has been able to put a robust and efficient leadership team together. Dr. Rick Shinto heads the team. He is also known as Rick Shinto. Rick Shinto has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field. He serves as the current president and chief executive officer. Rick Shinto worked there as the CEO and President before Aveta Inc. was sold in 2012. Shinto was also part of the management team. He is in charge of the health plans of InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto is a former employee of NAMM California. He was also the chief medical officer and the COO (chief operating officer) at Medical Pathways Management Company.

Rick Shinto moved to Cal Optima Health Plan, Orange County after working for one year at Medical Pathways Management Company. He worked as the company’s chief medical officer. Dr. Shinto is an author who writes on topics of clinical medicine and healthcare. He has a BS that he acquired from the University of California, a medical degree from the State University of New York, and an MBA that he got from the University of Redlands. The current chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She worked at the firm since 2015. Penelope has been working in the healthcare sector for approximately 20 years. She has lots of experience.

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Penelope Kokkinides understands how to develop clinical programs and processes in managed health care. Penelope was the executive vice president at Centerlight HealthCare before joining InnovaCare Health. She also served at Touchstone Health as the chief operating officer. Penelope worked at AmeriChoice as the Corporate vice president of disease management and care management. She attended Binghamton University where she got her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Classical Languages. Penelope also has a Master’s degree in Public Health. She acquired it from the school of Public Health at Columbia University.

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The Copa Star Takes The Hospital To The Next Level

In the medical industry, there are many aspects that comprise the total industry. Many people are not aware of all the various aspects that makeup the medical industry. However, most people are aware of several aspects that help to make the medical industry what it is today. One of the main aspects of the medical industry is the hospital. While it is one part, the hospital is a major part of the medical industry. It helps to bring all the various aspects of the medical industry together.

Medical professionals and patients come together in hospitals. Medical professionals come to provide medical care to the patients that come to hospitals. Almost all medical professionals assist with patient care at some point in their medical career at the hospital. As a core aspect of the medical field, the hospital serves numerous roles. One of the most obvious is medical care, However, there is much more to the hospital than medical care. The hospital is a business in its purest sense. One of the toughest parts of the hospital is taking the business and medical portions of the hospital and bringing the parts together.

Bringing the medical side and business side of the hospital together is tough. It takes professionals with the ability to handle all the various parts of the hospital. While there are medical professionals who handle the medical side of the hospital, there are also professionals who handle the business side. Hospital administrators handle the business side of the hospital, which involves pulling the medical side into the operations of the business side.

In recent years, many hospitals have seen that having hospital administrators with a business background is helpful in many ways regarding running hospitals. Business is a huge part of running hospitals, and hospital administrators with a business background bring a perspective that is unique in the hospital environment. A hospital in Brazil, which is named the Copa Star, has many people in the medical profession talking about the hospital. The hospital is considered a look into the future concerning hospitals.

The Hospital Copa Star is different than most hospitals. The Copa Star is more like a five star hotel concerning looks and business operations. The owners of the Copa Star wanted to build a hospital that provided a high level of medical service to its patients. However, the owners also wanted to provide a high level of customer service.

In addition, the owners wanted all patients and visitors to feel special while at the Copa Star. This is a main reason for the luxury hotel approach to the Copa Star. Business is at the root of the Copa Star, but medical care is at the core of what is done at the Copa Star. Read more at SSC Magazine about Hospital Copa Star.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall

Manaira Shopping Mall is one of Roberto Santiago’s ventures. It is the largest shopping center in Joao Pessoa. The entity has been seeking to ensure that customers have fun as they shop at the mall. The enterprise has continuously won the hearts of many customers who are great lovers of its rich cuisine, beautiful beaches and unique sunsets that lighten the northeastern city. Manaira shopping center offers a wide range of entertainment options, including movie theatres, electronic amusement park, bowling alleys and ballrooms among others. Manaira has 11 modern rooms, 3D rooms, and VIP rooms for cinema. The halls apply a stadium concept in the arrangement of seats to give a wider visibility to the customers. The mall has a complete bar that offers drinks, candy and gourmet popcorn.

The facility has pioneered in the idea of electronic amusement park, which is commonly known as the game station. The amusement park covers an area of 1,800 square meters and has over 200 machines for games and ballroom. It has a fully electronic space for contemporary audacious bowling lane. Manaira has many fitness centers and educational facilities like universities. Due to these numerous options for fun, leisure and entertainment, the shopping center has stood out among all other shopping malls in Paraiba. The facility has also strengthened its relationship with customers. In addition, the mall has other features, including a gourmet space for families. Here, people enjoy moments of tranquility and listen to music from the Domus Hall Concert on the rooftop of Manaira. Domus is one of the largest concert halls in Joao Pessoa. The modern and air-conditioned facility has advanced acoustic insulation and sound equipment. The concert hall hosts great national and international artists. The space is also available for graduations, private events, fairs, weddings, presentations and stand-ups. Read more on Polemica Paraiba.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who also owns Mangeira Shopping Mall, one of the most contemporary shopping centers. He was born in Joao Pessoa. Roberto studied at Pio X Marist College before enrolling in the University Center of Joao Pessoa to pursue Business Administration. His career started at Café Santa Rosa before he established his cartonage company that specialized in manufacturing different utilitarian and decorative objects. Later, Roberto Santiago ventured into the allotment business. Since then, he has always achieved success in his endeavors. Roberto has a deep passion for sports. Over the years, he has won several trophies in kart championships and motocross. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot

Securus Technologies Has A Great Customer Base

Securus Technologies is a great company, and one that is the leader in the public safety field. They have a great list of customers that use their technologies on a regular basis. One of them is the government, that uses them to ensure that their facilities are kept as safe as possible. They are pleased with the technologies and techniques that the company is creating.


One of the technologies that gives the facilities a lot to be happy about is Video Visitations. With the Video Visitations, inmates can now communicate with their loved ones easily. They can see and hear them, and it gives them a better overall attitude. The technology has led to much safer environments in the facilities, and their customers are very pleased with how it works for them.


The company invited their customers and the public to visit their facility in Dallas, TX for a presentation and a tour. This will allow them to see the latest technologies that they are working on, and why their inventions are so important to the safety of the public. Securus Technologies is known all over the world for their excellent work, and they are in high demand all across the country for what they can do. They have a staff that is dedicated and professional, and they are committed to providing excellent service. Since they are creating new technologies on a weekly basis, they will continue to lead the public safety field.